Refuting false information

On April 08, 2024, false information was posted on anonymous websites by unknown persons to discredit the owner of PUNIN GROUP, Mr Dmitry Punin.

The source and author of this article, as well as the addresses and telephone numbers of the editors of the sites on which false information is posted, are not indicated.

The present announcement is made in order to officially declare that Mr Dmitry Punin was NOT detained by law enforcement agencies of Cyprus, and NO criminal cases were initiated against him or his companies. In addition, any information about alleged money laundering and tax evasion is a fabrication and a deliberate sponsored attempt to discredit Mr Dmitry Punin and his investment activities in Cyprus.

False information was also spread about Mr Dmitry Punin’s ownership of the PIN-UP casino. We officially declare that PUNIN GROUP has absolutely no assets or involvement in the gambling business.

We have already instructed our lawyers to take all necessary actions and work closely with all law enforcement agencies to bring criminals to justice for publishing, spreading and disseminating false, defamatory and slanderous information. In addition, our express instructions to our lawyers are to pursue all and every person who republishes, reposts or spreads such information.

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